foto Nazzi lifeiskillingus

Massimiliano Nazzi (I)

Life Kills

production Xing/Netmage 11
world premiere

Massimiliano Nazzi tries to edit space, a limbo in which to refract the other events of the festival. “Born from the sacred and reduced to the mere production of populations, of beings, of elements. Infancy and youth pass, to wait yearning for the moment of becoming the producer of empty and useless gestures. The will and the magic of the choice, the scarcity of the possibility and technical reproducibility of personality. The infinite possibilities that the individual sees ahead, and those seen in the near distance, cease to appear diverse, become interchangeable and irrelevant.” These are evocative elements of Life Kills, along the lines of an installation – almost a mysterious rite – which Nazzi has prepared for the rear zones of Palazzo Re Enzo, between the entry courtyard, improvised corridors and the ceiling. A course subdivided in a series of passages inhabited by singular presences, flowing in circular destinations. In a didactic screen shot, subdivided analytically by rounded-arches arcades, the elements face each other, moving arbitrarily in apparently chance directions. Attention to a single action soon renders the place a diffused perception of flat chaos, marked only by the passage of time and the inexorable. Then a site of industrial production, working mechanically non-stop. Only from the window, as in a maternity hospital, can the public view the newborn. Tiny organisms, as yet unformed by desires and impulses, that wait in line to be placed in show to complete the ritual of required choices, then destined to a death anticipated from the beginning, in a story told from the end.

Massimiliano Nazzi, a multidisciplinary Italian artist, is especially active in composing mainly electronic music. Part of his work is dedicated to the recycling of electronic devices, modified for the construction of sound objects, a hybrid between installation sculpture, a ready-made rude and visionary instrument workshop. He is also involved as a sound artist and composer for several theater companies including Korekanè. Currently he is part of Teatrino Elettrico, where he is exploring the creative possibilities of live hybrid technology.